There are researchers, educators, and conservationists in Latin America and the Caribbean striving to protect birds and their habitats, but many are working without the most basic equipment, such as binoculars and field guides.

The American Birding Association’s Birders’ Exchange program collects donated new and used equipment and distributes it to our colleagues working to conserve birds and their habitats throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Birders’ Exchange is an inspired idea and a highly effective reality. It’s making a big difference throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Anyone who cares about the future of birds and wildlife should support this program.”
— Kenn Kaufman, author of Birds of North America

“With Birders’ Exchange, the need for a good pair of binoculars won’t stand in the way of developing first-class ornithologists all over the world, and can only lead to increased information and appreciation of the birds and their habitats at the local level.”
— David Allen Sibley, author of The Sibley Guide to Birds


A Neotropical Companion in Spanish

A Neotropical Companion CoverJohn Kricher’s essential guide to the tropics, in its second edition from Princeton University Press, is now available in this long-awaited Spanish translation, Un Compañero Neotropical.

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Birders’ Exchange Super Heroes!

Eldon Ziegler on the left and Peter Bono on the right of Peter R. Bono Associates, Inc. ( are Birders’ Exchange Super Heroes! They spent many volunteer hours to build a new and long-awaited database for Birders’ Exchange (BEX). The original BEX database was built in 1996, which is now in the dark ages of technology compared to our new, technologically fantastic database.

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BEX supports research in Soata, Colombia

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Birders’ Exchange has a NEW HOME!!


Submit online at: BEX Donations

If using the USPS send equipment to:

American Birding Association
c/o Birder’s Exchange
P.O.Box 744
Delaware City, DE

For FED EX and UPS send to:

American Birding Association
c/o Birder’s Exchange
93 Clinton Street Suite ABA
Delaware City, DE 19706

For Donations send to:

American Birding Association
c/o Birder’s Exchange
P.O. Box 3070
Colorado Springs, CO

Again cash donations help us buy really great optics for the researchers caring for our birds in extremely harsh conditions.
Submit online at: BEX Donations

Betty would be so happy with the new offices. Wish she was here.

Thank you for all you do to help us help Latin American and the Caribbean birds and birders in their conservation efforts.

ABA/ Birders’ Exchange is Moving to Delaware

The ABA Office is moving to a new location in Delaware City, Delaware. The new building will be ready by the first of September and we should be fully moved in by the middle of September.

We respectfully ask that if you have equipment donations to please call to arrange for shipping or better yet hold them until late September to allow time for us to settle in.

We truly appreciate all you do to help birds and birders in Latin America and the Caribbean! Conservation in action!

Thank you!

Bichacue Yath in Colombia

Invaluable equipment makes appreciating birds easier.Dear Birders Exchange,

We would like to extend our outmost gratitude for the generous donation to Bichacue Yath received in January of 2014 to be used for our educational programs in the vicinity of the Farallones National Park and Tatama National Park in the Western Andes of Colombia. The equipment and field guides have been put to excellent use to encourage the youths of the rural area around Cali to be interested in birding and the birds of the most species-rich country on the planet. They are also used to spark interest in arts and crafts in a community that is looking to protect the natural resources of the Cali River watershed.

Bichacue Yath is a family project that aims to promote social action, environmental education and recreation in the outskirts of Cali, Colombia.Trying out the new equipment.

Started officially in 2009, the name of the reserve translates to “bird sanctuary” in the native Paez dialect. Bichacue Yath was built from the ground up starting in the year 2000, when Thomas Muñoz had the vision to design a space for students from the surrounding rural areas and the nearby city of Cali to learn about art and the environment in a natural setting. The curriculum looks to stimulate students through: Watching and identifying resident and migratory bird species in the area, learning about birds and art by drawing and pottery-making, recycling every day items to create art, and using recycled products to create art.

Again, our eternal gratitude for your donation that will provide incredible opportunities for generations of young birders to come.

Many thanks,

Nubia Stella Gomez


kids with bird book

Remembering Betty Peterson

The ABA family and the entire birding community lost one of its leading lights on the morning of June 4th when Betty Petersen of Hanson, Massachusetts, passed away.

La familia de ABA y toda la comunidad de observación de aves perdimos una de las grandes luminarias en la mañana del 4 de junio, al fallecer Betty Petersen de Hanson, Massachusetts.

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During the last year a story about “B95” an individual Red Knot, a migratory shorebird the size of a Robin, spread around the world catching the attention of the media such as the BBC of London, The New York Times, Mongabay, as well as national TV and newspapers in Argentina, Brazil and other countries. This special bird became famous because it is a survivor of the big decline the population of Red Knots that migrate between their breeding grounds in the Arctic and their non-breeding areas in Tierra del Fuego have suffered. After 2000 the number of these long distance migrants decreased from 52,000 birds to 14,000 in 2012. However “B95″  still survives. Read more »