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During the last year a story about “B95” an individual Red Knot, a migratory shorebird the size of a Robin, spread around the world catching the attention of the media such as the BBC of London, The New York Times, Mongabay, as well as national TV and newspapers in Argentina, Brazil and other countries. This
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Hooded Grebes by David Sibley

The Hooded Grebe is a species that is endemic to Argentina, and one that is listed as “Endangered” by BirdLife International.

David Sibley generously donated this original painting of Hooded Grebes to Birders’ Exchange to help raise funds to save Hooded Grebes.

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BEX helps La Milpa Field Station in Belize

Vladimir Rodriguez is the Manager of the La Milpa Field Station in the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area in northwestern Belize. This reserve, which covers 230,875 acres, is owned and managed by the Programme for Belize. As Vladimir says, “birdwatching is natural for me.”

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Eco Huellas (Argentina) uses BEX equipment

The Ecohuellas teen group in the field with their teacher, Professor Gustavo Garcia, using the BEX-donated scope on a field trip with primary school children.

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BEX supports research in Soata, Colombia

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Thank you from Trinidad

On behalf of Paria Springs Trust and the people of Brasso Seco, Paria, we thank you and your donors for your wonderful act of kindness. In this world where we are constantly bombarded by the negative it is so refreshing to have acts of kindness shine through as an example to the world.

Courtenay Rooks,
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Grassroots Tropical Conservation Through Ecotourism, Birders’ Exchange, and the Long-wattled Umbrellabird

by Scott Olmstead

It’s fascinating to watch grassroots conservation movements evolve in developing countries, where the local inhabitants generally tend to be more concerned with basic needs like getting enough to eat than with conservation of natural resources for future generations. The idea of conserving habitats and resources at a large scale seems to be
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Thank you from Brazil

Dear Betty,

You probably don’t remember me, but I am one of the hundreds of people you help in the Neotropics. I still have my BEX donated binoculars, which are in great shape!

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Birders exchange binoculars in Dominican Republic

Birders exchange binoculars in use at the summer camp in the Botanical garden in Santo Domingo with Kate Wallace, July 24, 2012.

BEX supports Fundacion Cocibolca, Nicaragua.

Hola Betty,

Here are some pictures of our local guides using the binoculars interacting with tourists at Volcan Mombacho Natural Reserve.

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