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Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

25 Jan 2017 — 30 Jan 2017

The 20th Annual Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival is scheduled
Jan 25 – 30, 2017 at Eastern Florida State College Titusville, FL. Festival activities feature unique birding, wildlife, nature, technology, cultural/historical and photography field trips, Offshore birding boat trip, classroom & keynote presentations as well as an Art Show.

Titusville, FL, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Brevard Nature Alliance
Contact Person: Neta Harris
Phone Number: 321-268-5224
Website: http://www.SCBWF.org

18th Annual Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway

25 Jan 2017 — 29 Jan 2017

This action-packed 5-day event celebrates the remarkable journey of millions of waterfowl and raptors along the Pacific Flyway that call the Northern Sacramento Valley their home during the winter months. Over 60 field trips and workshops and free nature activities are offered for youth. Special Guest & Keynote Speaker: International bird guid and author, Alvaro Jaramillo

Chico, CA, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Snow Goose Festival
Contact Person: Jennifer Patten
Phone Number: (530) 345-1865
Website: http://www.snowgoosefestival.org

Winter Wings Festival

16 Feb 2017 — 19 Feb 2017

Winter Wings brings together birders and photographers of all stripes to learn and explore with top notch professionals and enthusiastic local guides. The Klamath Basin is renowned for its winter raptors and its stunning abundance and diversity of waterfowl. In 2017 the festival will feature Scott Weidensaul, Canon Explorer of Light Chas Glatzer, and Paul Bannick.

Klamath Falls, OR, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Klamath Basin Audubon Society
Contact Person: Diana Samuels
Phone Number: 877-541-BIRD
Website: http://winterwingsfest.org/

Whooping Crane Festival

23 Feb 2017 — 26 Feb 2017

Annual festival celebrating the endangered Whooping Cranes that winter in our area. Birding tours by boat and bus, renowned speakers, exhibits, nature related trade show, arts & crafts, photography workshops and more.

Port Aransas, TX, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce/Tourist Bureau
Contact Person: Joan Garland
Phone Number: 3617495919
Website: http://www.whoopingcranefestival.org

Monte Vista Crane Festival

10 Mar 2017 — 12 Mar 2017

The 34th annual Monte Vista Crane Festival will occur March 10-12, 2017. Every year, like clockwork, nearly 20,000 Sandhill Cranes descend on Colorado’s scenic San Luis Valley for a six-week stopover to rest and refuel before continuing their northward spring migration. The town of Monte Vista and the Friends of the San Luis Valley Refuges, host the festival. Tours, speakers and movies.

Monte Vista, CO, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Monte Vista Crane Festival Committee
Contact Person: Deb Callahan
Phone Number: 7195887007
Website: http://www.mvcranefest.org

Galveston FeatherFest

06 Apr 2017 — 09 Apr 2017

Galveston is one of the top locations in the country for birding because it hosts a wide variety of habitats in a small geographical area where some 300 species make their permanent or temporary home throughout the year. Mark your calendar now to attend FeatherFest, the largest birding festival on the Upper Texas Coast, and the only one with a dedicated photography track.

Galveston Island, TX, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council
Contact Person: Julie Ann Brown
Phone Number: 832-459-5533
Website: http://www.GavlestonFeatherFest.com

Olympic Birdfest 2017

07 Apr 2017 — 09 Apr 2017

Olympic Birdfest 2017: Discover birds of coastal Pacific Northwest. Guided field trips, gala banquet; speaker: noted nature photographer Bonnie Block. Contact: www.olympicbirdfest.org. Pre-festival cruise in Straight of Juan de Fuca. Post-festival trip to Neah Bay, coastal WA. The festival with the most spectacular setting!

Sequim, WA, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society
Contact Person: Vanessa Fuller
Phone Number: 360-681-4076
Website: http://www.olympicbirdfest.org

Lek Treks & More: The Lesser Prairie-Chicken Festival

12 Apr 2017 — 19 Apr 2017

Join us in northwest Oklahoma for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Festival featuring keynote speaker Sheri Williamson. You can view the chickens from blinds or vans. We also offer a trip to view Greater-Prairie-Chickens at northeast Oklahoma’s Tallgrass Prairie. Get both species of prairie-chickens in one trip! We also feature special packages for photographers with dedicated blinds, and workshops

Woodward, OK, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Oklahoma Audubon Council
Contact Person: John Kennington
Phone Number: 918-809-6325
Website: http://www.lektreks.org

Godwit Days Spring Migration Bird Festival

19 Apr 2017 — 25 Apr 2017

Held at the peak of spring migration, Godwit Days offers around 100 field trips with expert local guides to see thousands of shorebirds around Humboldt Bay, Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet in the redwood forest, and other North Coast specialty species. Keynote speakers this year are Bridget Stutchbury, research professor at York University, and Noah Stryker, record holder for worldwide Big Year.

Arcata, CA,

Organization Information
Organization Name: Godwit Days non-profit organization
Contact Person: Gretchen OBrien
Phone Number: 707-826-7050
Website: http://www.godwitdays.org

Wings 'N' Wetlands Festival

28 Apr 2017 — 29 Apr 2017

Birdwatch two of the most important wetlands along the Central Flyway-Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge-during the peak of Spring shorebird migration in central Kansas April 28-29, 2017. Birders of all levels will enjoy exceptional guided birding fieldtrips in small groups, workshops, and socials. Information and registration at wetlandscenter.fhsu.edu or call 877-243-9268.

Great Bend, KS,

Organization Information
Organization Name: Kansas Wetlands Education Center
Contact Person: Curtis Wolf
Phone Number: 877-243-9268
Website: http://wetlandscenter.fhsu.edu/wings-n-wetlands-birding-festival/

Wings Over The Hills Nature Festival

28 Apr 2017 — 30 Apr 2017

Join us as we welcome our Special Guest Dorian Anderson "Biking for Birds". Black-capped Vireos,Golden-cheeked Warblers and other Texas Hill Country special birds are a must during 3 days of field trips.Add Hummingbird Banding,Photography Workshop,Vendors,Raptor Program,Speakers and Bar-B-Q.For an outstanding Festival!

Fredericksburg, TX, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Friends of the Fredericksburg Nature Center
Contact Person: Jane Crone
Phone Number: 210-912-5920
Website: http://www.wingstx.org

Spring Fling

29 Apr 2017 — 30 Apr 2017

Spring Fling offers excellent birding and opportunities to learn about migration and Great Lakes conservation at Michigan Audubon's annual celebration of bird migration at our program site, Whitefish Point Bird Observatory.

Paradise, MI, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Michigan Audubon
Contact Person: Lindsay Cain
Phone Number: 517-580-7364
Website: http://wpbo.org/events/spring-fling/

Indiana Dunes Birding Festival

04 May 2017 — 07 May 2017

The Indiana Dunes Birding Festival occurs along the shores of Lake Michigan to celebrate the dunes area’s rich biodiversity and bird watching opportunities to create a positive impact on the economic, conservation, and environmental education for visitors and residents to the Indiana Dunes region. Four days of tours, programs, and special workshops take place.

Chesterton, IN, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Indiana Audubon Society
Contact Person: Brad Bumgardner
Phone Number: 219-926-1390
Website: http://www.indunesbirdingfestival.com

Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival

04 May 2017 — 07 May 2017

Join birders from around the world for the state's largest wildlife festival, kicking off May 4-7. Located on the beautiful shore of Kachemak Bay, the Homer Spit is one of the most accessible places for shorebird viewing in Alaska. With over 100,000 shorebirds of 25 different species migrating through in early May. Keynote J. Drew Lanham, Featured Author Paul Bannick.

Homer, AK, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges
Contact Person: Robbi Mixon
Phone Number: 907-226-4631
Website: http://www.kachemakshorebird.org

Vancouver Bird Week

06 May 2017 — 13 May 2017

Walks and boat trips to see west coast birds for all levels, election of Vancouver City Bird, celebrate International and World Migratory Bird day., public talks, workshops.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Organization Information
Organization Name: Pacific WildLife Foundation
Contact Person: Rob Butler
Phone Number: 16048318191
Website: http://www.vancouverbirdweek.ca

20th Annual Detroit Lakes Festival of Birds

18 May 2017 — 21 May 2017

David Sibley returns as the migration celebration keynote! Presentations: Ernesto Reyes-Birds of Cuba, Carrol Henderson-Oil Spill effects on Loons, Doug Buri-10 Steps to Getting Your Dream Bird. 100s of birds in bright spring plumage flock to this unique transition zone of tallgrass prairie, hardwood & conifer forests, & wetlands. Daily fieldtrips, socials, workshops. Online program & registration

Detroit Lakes, MN, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce
Contact Person: Cleone Stewart
Phone Number: 218.847.9202
Website: http://www.visitdetroitlakes.com/events/festival-of-birds/

Tawas Point Birding Festival

18 May 2017 — 20 May 2017

Tawas Point, a beacon for migrating birds, boasts some of the best birding in the Great Lakes region. Well known for high concentrations of migrating warblers during the month of May. The festival includes guided bird walks at the area’s best hotspots, programs and talks about birds and nature, and, of course, the opportunity to enjoy the company of hundreds of your fellow birders.

Tawas, MI, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Michigan Audubon
Contact Person: Lindsay Caib
Phone Number: 517-580-7364
Website: http://www.michiganaudubon.org

Great Salt Lake Bird Festival

18 May 2017 — 22 May 2017

Great Salt Lake Bird Festival May 18-22, 2017. We are looking forward to our Keynote Speaker, Noah Strycker- who set a new record in 2015 for a worldwide Big Year of birding, seeing 6,042 of the world’s estimated 10,400 bird species. Come to Utah for 5 days of field trips, workshops, and BIRDS, BIRDS, BIRDS.

Farmington, UT,

Organization Information
Organization Name: Davis County Tourism & Events
Contact Person: Neka Roundy
Phone Number: 801-451-3286
Website: http://www.GreatSaltLakeBirdFest.com

Huron Fringe Birding Festival

26 May 2017 — 04 Jun 2017

MacGregor Point Provincial Park is located at the base of Ontario's Bruce Peninsula, a natural migration corridor. The Bruce is known for diverse and unique botany, landforms and shoreline habitats and provides an ideal backdrop for our birding festival. Guided hikes, tours, workshops & evening presentations are designed for both novice and experienced birders. Local experts are your guides.

Port Elgin, ON, Canada

Organization Information
Organization Name: Friends of MacGregor Point
Contact Person: Matt Cunliffe
Phone Number: 5193538618
Website: http://www.huronfringebirdingfestival.ca

Down East Spring Birding Festival

26 May 2017 — 29 May 2017

Come birding "Way Down East" over Memorial Day Weekend in Maine's beautiful Cobscook Bay Area. Our great variety of habitats, from forest to marsh to ocean, are home to a great diversity of species. Bird in Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, Roosevelt Campobello International Park, Quoddy Head State Park & more. Guided hikes and boat tours, including Machias Seal Island to see Atlantic Puffins.

Trescott, ME, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Cobscook Community Learning Center
Contact Person: Avery Danforth
Phone Number: 207-733-2233
Website: http://www.cclc.me

Acadia Birding Festival

01 Jun 2017 — 04 Jun 2017

Experience the birding wonders of Maine, from boreal to ocean – warblers, puffins, and more. We offer field trips, pelagic trips, paddling trips, talks, social events, and evening presentations. Join celebrity birders and experienced guides on these adventures around Acadia National Park and beyond. Don’t miss our PELAGIC SEABIRD TRIP, Sat June 3. Please pre-register online.

Bar Harbor, ME, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Acadia Birding Festival
Contact Person: Becky Marvil
Phone Number: 207-233-3694
Website: http://www.acadiabirdingfestival.com

Taking Flight: Birding in the Catskills

09 Jun 2017 — 11 Jun 2017

A weekend of workshops, presentations, and birding in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, with excellent Keynotes on both Fri. and Sat. nights. Frost Valley YMCA Camp hosts this year's event, with rustic mountain lodging and hearty meals. Bird walks and owl prowls with regional experts. Just minutes from the Slide Mtn. trailhead, we will offer an early morning hike to find BITH.

Claryville, NY, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: The Catskill Center
Contact Person: Michael Drillinger
Phone Number: 845-586-2611
Website: http://catskillcenter.org/

Cerulean Warbler Weekend

10 Jun 2017 — 11 Jun 2017

The Cerulean Warbler is the fastest declining songbird in North America. Barry County is Michigan's top spot to observe this rare bird, among others including the Henslow's and Grasshopper Sparrows, Red-headed and Pileated Woodpecker and more. Cerulean Warbler Weekend will feature guided birding walks throughout Southwest Michigan’s best hotspots and programs and talks by local wildlife experts

Hastings, MI, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Michigan Audubon
Contact Person: Lindsay Cain
Phone Number: 517-580-7364
Website: http://www.michiganaudubon.org

Yampa Valley Crane Festival

31 Aug 2017 — 03 Sep 2017

Come visit Steamboat Springs, CO and the beautiful Yampa Valley for the 6th Yampa Valley Crane Festival. Witness hundreds of Greater Sandhill Cranes dancing and feeding in the fields. Enjoy 4 fun-filled days featuring guided crane viewings, bird walks, expert speakers, live raptors, family activities and more. Keynote speaker is George Archibald, co-founder of the International Crane Foundation.

Steamboat Springs & Hayden, CO, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition
Contact Person: Nancy Merrill
Phone Number: 977-276-1933
Website: http://www.coloradocranes.org

Sandhill Crane and Art Festival

14 Oct 2017 — 15 Oct 2017

The Sandhill Crane and Art Festival or CraneFest features family-friendly activities such as guided nature hikes, live animal displays, kids activities, and fine art vendors. In the evening, watch thousands of Sandhill Cranes "fly-in" to Big Marsh Lake at Michigan Audubon's Baker Sanctuary.

Bellevue, MI, US

Organization Information
Organization Name: Michigan Audubon
Contact Person: Lindsay Cain
Phone Number: 517-580-7364
Website: http://www.michiganaudubon.org

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