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ABA Online Bird Photo Quiz 159


In the ABA Area, blue eye rings are mostly a province of the order Columbiformes.  Since various and sundry other features rule out the few other options (such as juveniles of large falcon species, perhaps subadult California Gulls) and throwing in the pink legs and obvious fleshy cere, we’ll stick with pigeons and doves for our first stab at a solution set.  While blue eye rings are, perhaps, best known among doves as being a feature of White-winged Dove, a few other ABA-area dove species also sport them, such as Inca Dove.  However, that species is ruled out by our quiz bird’s underparts exhibiting no suggestion of dark barring and its obvious blue fleshy cere.  While we might then feel an urge to jump straight to White-winged Dove, blue eye rings are a feature of all ABA-Area members of the White-winged Dove’s genus, Zenaida.  In fact, we can rule White-winged Dove out by the presence of black spots on the lower scapulars, visible in the quiz photo by the right wing.

With the recent occurrence of a well-chased Zenaida Dove in Florida this year, a thinking birder might think, “Hmm, did Tony see that bird?” and decide to go for that one.  After all, there was no caveat included on the quiz picture about rarity or otherwise (though, I’ve certainly forgotten to include an intended caveat a time or two).  Considering how similar Mourning and Zenaida doves are in appearance, particularly from this view, with the tail foreshortened, one could be hard-pressed to differentiate the species.  However, there is a key separating feature visible in the picture and it is related to the migratory habits of the two species.  Zenaida Dove is, essentially, a resident species, conducting little in the way of long-distance movements, unlike Mourning Dove, some of which migrate 1000s of miles one way.  Our quiz bird sports the long primary projection typical of long-distance migrants.

I took this picture of a Mourning Dove at Smith Point, Chambers Co., TX, on 18 August 2013.


The following people (listed by submission date beginning with the earliest) submitted correct answers for the June 2016 Bird Photo Quiz —Mourning Dove:

  1. Elliot Schunke - Tallahassee, FL
  2. Isaac - Kamloops, BC
  3. Andrew Theus - Columbus, GA
  4. Jeffrey Kyron Hanson - PITTSFIELD
  5. Joshua Little - Eugene
  6. Katie Boord - Olive Branch, MS
  7. Patrick Maurice - Atlanta, Georgia
  8. Kevin Ebert - Chevy Chase
  9. Andy Eckerson - Dighton, MA
  10. Timothy Swain - Concord, Massachusetts
  11. Joshua Glant - Mercer Island, WA
  12. Kyle Lima - Ellsworth, Maine
  13. Isaiah Nugent - Bellingham, WA
  14. Patty McKelvey - Sheffield Village, Ohio; USA
  15. Alex Pepin - Albany, OR
  16. Mourning Dove - Ringgold, GA
  17. Nathan Webb - Elba, AL
  18. A. Algazzali - Hercules, CA
  19. Chris Blazo - Chambersburg, PA
  20. Isabel Apkarian - Toronto, Ontario
  21. Martina Nordstrand - Indian Trail, NC
  22. Peter Lane - Québec, Canada
  23. Jerald Reb - Dover, DE
  24. Johanna Beam - Lyons, CO
  25. Jack Holloway - Mesa, AZ
  26. Hiram Herrera - Chula Vista, CA
  27. Claire Thomas - Mandeville, LA
  28. Cole G. - Vancouver, BC
  29. Todd Olson - New York, NY
  30. Matthew J Igleski - Chicago, IL
  31. Dean Nicholson - Cranbrook, B.C.
  32. Claude Auchu - La Pocatiere, Quebec
  33. Karl Erich Mayer - Tawas City, Michigan
  34. Matthew Press - Sarasota, FL
  35. Bob Proctor - Elgin, Scotland
  36. Patricia M. - Clark Auburn
  37. Elliot Dziedzic - Philadelphia, PA
  38. Jack Rogers - Mt Pleasant, SC
  39. Kaylin ingalls - Kirkland, WA
  40. Aiden Moser - Henniker, NH
  41. Mireille Barry - Quebec City, QC, Canada
  42. Kevin Hill - Lynnwood, WA
  43. Justin Bosler - Lubbock, Texas
  44. Patch Davis - Sarasota
  45. Michael Scott - Levy Centereach, New York
  46. Varick Cowell - Holden, MO
  47. Dan Cowell - Holden, MO
  48. Terri Everett - Big Rapids, MI
  49. Claude Morris - Austin, TX
  50. Jackie Allison - Nipomo, California
  51. Danny Tipton - Albuquerque, New Mexico
  52. Greg Zupansic - Eugene, Oregon
  53. Adrian Burke - New York, New York
  54. Anton Mach - Yardley, PA
  55. Mike Wasilco - Caledonia, NY
  56. Lindy Wagenaar - Thunder Bay, Ontario
  57. Chloe Walker - Murfreesboro, TN
  58. Mike Fialkovich - Pittsburgh, PA
  59. John Branchflower - Portland, OR
  60. Robert Packard - Riverside, CA
  61. Jeremy Collison - Albany, New York
  62. Jason Vassallo - Seattle
  63. Monika Croydon - Toronto, Ontario
  64. Katie McInnis - Eugene, OR
  65. Aidan Perkins - New York
  66. Eli Miller - Millersburg, Ohio
  67. j - Westfield, ny
  68. Cathy Sheeter - Oradell, NJ
  69. Stephen Joly - Kamloops, BC
  70. Beko Binder - Madison, WI
  71. Adri L. - Delaware, Ohio
  72. Gavin - California
  73. Jeffrey Graham - Jacksonville, Florida
  74. Martin Sharp - AB
  75. Ian Ruppenthal - Davidson, NC
  76. Angus Pritchard - Decatur, GA
  77. Conor Farrell - Charlottesville,Virginia

How Did You Compare?

As stated in the quiz rules, answers must consist simply of the Common or English name exactly as it appears in the ABA Checklist.

The following list shows the number of submissions for each species guessed.

Eurasian Collared-Dove
White-winged Dove
Zenaida Dove
Inca Dove


The photo and answer for this quiz were supplied by Tony Leukering.