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The challenging combination of dense vegetation and active birds can make bird identification tricky. In this case it's hard to make out a lot on this bird. Usually we use structure and size, with a lot of focus on the head and bill, but that's not so straightforward in this photo. When identifying birds, sometimes it's necessary to use different strategies. In this case, perhaps looking for a prominent field mark or two will help us.

Two things stand out: a wash of yellow to the sides of the breast and the yellow near the base of the tail. There really aren't many birds that have this combination of traits. Magnolia Warbler is similar, but the dark tail tip should be offset with white and most should show more obvious narrow white wing bars. The underparts should also be more strongly marked in yellow. The other species is American Redstart. While most individuals are more brightly colored, many first year birds can be comparatively dull. The grayish head that contrasts with the olive wings is also a classic trait of female and immature male American Redstarts.

This first-fall female American Redstart was photographed in late September in Champaign Co., Illinois.


The following people (listed by submission date beginning with the earliest) submitted correct answers for the October Bird Photo Quiz—American Redstart:

  1. Graham Etherington, Norwich, UK
  2. Bill Schmoker, Longmont, Colorado
  3. Kyle Horner, Guelph, On
  4. Marcelo Brongo, Barcelona, Spain
  5. Aaron Bilyeu, Placerville, CA
  6. Kevin Kerr, Guelph, ON
  7. Jason Sailing, Madison, WI
  8. Tom Archdeacon, Tucson, AZ
  9. Matt Anthony, Bel Air, MD
  10. Aaron Boone, Columbus, Ohio
  11. Orrin Harvey, Tucson, AZ
  12. Robert Furrow, Cambridge, MA
  13. Nick Sly, Ithaca, NY
  14. Wayne Meyer, Denison, TX
  15. Francisco Martinez, chicago, IL
  16. Henry Wilton, Rutland, VT
  17. Alison Rodgers, Corrales, NM
  18. Bryan Patrick, Woodland Park, CO
  19. Nikolas Kotovich, Great Barrington, Mass
  20. Tracy McCarthey, Tempe, Arizona
  21. Steven Mitten, Belize City, Belize
  22. Nick Anich, Ashland, WI
  23. Daniel Floyd, Fort Worth, TX
  24. Gabe Johnson, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  25. David Hollie, Ringgold, GA
  26. Tom Benson, San Bernardino, CA
  27. Jay Keller, Arlington, Virginia
  28. Mary Chambers, Davis, CA
  29. Kevin Welsh, Novi, Michigan
  30. Philip Kline, Tucson, AZ
  31. Tim Avery, Salt Lake City, Utah
  32. Alex Vinokur, Casselberry, FL
  33. Brandon Percival, Pueblo West, Colorado
  34. Claude Girard, St-Michel. P.Q.
  35. Melissa Hein, North Branch, MN
  36. Richard Garrigues, San Antonio de Belen, Heredia, Costa Rica
  37. Sam Pratt, Inman, SC
  38. Jason Giovannone, Columbia, SC
  39. Gary Potter, Sanger, CA
  40. Brian E. Small, Los Angeles, CA
  41. Will Richardson, Truckee, CA
  42. Sarah Young, Albuquerque, NM
  43. Mike Stake, Albuquerque, NM
  44. Luke Buckardt, Deerfield, IL
  45. Noah Strycker, Creswell, OR
  46. Daniele Mitchell, Ottawa, Ontario
  47. manuel Grosselet, Mexico
  48. Michael Lester, Haworth, NJ
  49. Nathan Swick, Chapel Hill, NC
  50. Oscar Johnson, Ventura, California
  51. rob young, alexandria, VA
  52. Brian Kleinman, East Granby, CT
  53. Ryan Dudragne, Saskatoon, SK
  54. Tom Lally, Chicago, IL
  55. Jacob Socolar, Chapel Hill, NC
  56. Arun Bose, Richmond, VA
  57. Mary Ann Dudragne, Swift Current, Sk.
  58. Laurent Dudragne, Swift Current, Sk.
  59. Tim White, Hilton Head Island, SC
  60. Maggie MacPherson, Guelph
  61. Petro Pynnönen, Helsinki, Finland
  63. Ken Levenstein, Jonesboro, AR
  64. Lori Fujimoto, Colorado Springs, CO
  65. Kara Lewantowicz, Colorado Springs, CO
  66. Zack Barrow, TN
  67. Dave Worthington, Toronto, Ontario,
  68. Matt Baumann, ABQ,NM
  69. Travis A. Mahan, Decatur, IL
  70. Jim Kopitzke, Mesa AZ
  71. Robert Lengacher, Tallahassee, FL
  72. Bonnie Reimer, Madison, Wisconsin
  73. Francesc Jutglar, Cardedeu, Catalonia, Spain
  74. Michael Woodruff, Spokane, WA
  75. Mark Stevenson, Tucson, AZ
  76. Bruce Dugger, Albany, OR
  77. Jason Beason, Paonia, CO
  78. Chris Benson, Rochester, MN
  79. Bill Maynard, Monument, CO
  80. Patty Gates, Brooklyn, NY
  81. Marcel Gauthier, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada
  82. Krista S., Albuquerque, NM
  83. Glenn Werner, Beaufort, S.C.
  84. Haynes Werner, Beaufort, S.C.
  85. Alex Lin-Moore, Houston, TX
  86. Tim McFadden, Philadelphia, Pa
  87. Yves Gauthier, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  88. John Kuenzli, Columbus, OH
  89. Johanna Wielfaert, East Lansing, Michigan
  90. Pamela Denise Fisher, Gap, Pennsylvania
  91. Alan J. Knue, Seattle, WA
  92. Stephen Seiffert, Lansdown, Ontario Canada
  93. Evelyn Ralston, Bethesda, MD
  94. Luke Seitz, Falmouth, ME
  95. Claire Curry, Greenwood, Texas
  96. Thomas Riecke, Dallas, TX
  97. Barb Duncan, Jefferson City, MO
  98. Tony Leukering, Brighton, CO
  99. Jim Gilbert, Bernardsville, NJ
  100. Rich Trissel, Carmel, CA
  101. Marcia Huff, Holland, MI
  102. Karen Rubinstein, New York, NY
  103. Jim Hoover, Jefferson Hills, PA
  104. Capt. John M. Nelson, Vineyard Haven, MA
  105. TJ Hathcock, Cleveland, OK
  106. Vicki Sandage, Ashland, KY
  107. George W. Myers, Villas, New Jersey
  108. George Cresswell, Colorado Springs, CO
  109. José Luis Copete, Barcelona, Spain
  110. Matt Pike, Lacey WA
  111. Mark A. Corder, Olathe, Kansas
  112. Kendall Green, Brooklyn, NY
  113. Micah Malueg, Hooper, Colorado.
  114. Kalen Malueg, Hooper, Colorado.
  115. Josiah Malueg, Hooper, Colorado.
  116. Neil A. Gilbert, Beverly Hills, Mi
  117. Bobby Fokidis, Tempe, Arizona
  118. Matthew Toomey, Tempe, Arizona
  119. Jacob Saucier, Baton Rouge, LA
  120. James Restivo, Groton, CT
  121. Andrew VanNorstrand, Fulton, NY
  122. Marc Ribaudo, Woodbridge, VA
  123. Phillip J. Kenny, Vienna, VA
  124. Jason Waanders, Washington, DC
  125. John Murphy, Alligator Pt, FL
  126. Rachel King, Brooklyn NY
  127. Lori Conrad, Hermosa Beach, CA
  128. Tom Auer, Duluth, MN
  129. James McKay, Mesa, AZ
  130. Mary Gustafson, Mission, Texas
  131. Cin-Ty Lee, Houston, TX
  132. Lee Barnes, Seattle, WA
  133. Mike Clarke, Bloomington, IN
  134. Casey Tucker, Columbus, OH
  135. Nathan Miller, Kingston, ON
  136. Michael S. Levy, Centereach, N.Y.
  137. Ted Zegarra, Kingman, AZ
  138. Andrea Green, Fayetteville, AR
  139. Avi Kenny, Dobbs Ferry, NY
  140. Rich Swartzentruber, Salem, Oregon
  141. Liis Veelma, Winnipeg, MB
  142. Cynthia Taylor, Tucson, AZ
  143. Greg Zupansic, Eugene, Oregon
  144. Anthony Laquidara, Plainsboro, NJ
  145. Matthew Schneider, Silverton, OR
  146. Bob Fish, Creswell, OR
  147. Jessica L Fusek, Boise, ID
  148. Shannon Ehlers, St. Peters, Mo
  149. David T Liebers, Niskayuna, NY
  150. Bonnie Liebers, Niskayuna, NY
  151. Carol Perry, Las Vegas, NV
  152. Blake Matheson, Carmel, CA
  153. Kevin Hill, Seattle, WA
  154. Jon Atwood, Keene, NH
  155. Sarah De Viney, Jonesboro, Arkansas
  156. Aaron Brees, Des Moines, IA
  157. Matt Liebers, Niskayuna, NY
  158. Myles Falconer, Peterborough, ON
  159. Benjamin Wechsler, Snow Hill, Maryland
  160. Tom Bailey, Tabernacle, NJ
  161. Andy Bankert, Melbourne Beach, FL
  162. Chris Elliott, Mineral, VA
  163. Josh Southern, Greenville, NC
  164. Anthony H. Bledsoe, Pittsburgh, PA
  165. Andrew Keaveney, Guelph, Ontario
  166. Keith Condon, Diamond Bar, CA
  167. Seth Cutright, West Bend, Wisconsin
  168. Cindy Lippincott, ColoSpgs CO
  169. Thomas Schultz, Green Lake, WI
  170. Larry Ridenhour, Boise, Idaho
  171. Andrés Alfaro, Kansas City, MO
  172. jared caster, NY
  173. Larry Lade, Saint Joseph, Missouri
  174. Eve Cusack, Bloomington, Indiana
  175. Asher Hockett, Ithaca NY
  176. Tony Frank, Houston, Texas
  177. Tim Snieder, Sarnia, Ontario
  178. Mike Burchett, Morgantown, WV
  179. Ben Meadors, North Little Rock, Arkansas
  180. Michael Hilchey, Albuquerque, NM
  181. Roxanne Clark, Eugene, OR
  182. Dan Skoubye, Colorado Springs, CO
  183. Adrián Azpiroz, St. Louis, MO
  184. Ryan, British Columbia
  185. Tammy White, Aliso Viejo, CA
  186. Ben Coulter, Erie, PA
  187. Carrie Braden, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
  188. Ed Harper, Sacramento, CA
  189. Michael McCloy, Southern Pines, NC
  190. Elaine Kampmueller, Grand Rapids, MI
  191. Krzysztof Szal, Wheeling, IL
  192. Gary Bird, Maxeys, GA
  193. Bobby Walsh, Valencia, CA
  194. Joel Mundall, Loma Linda, CA
  195. Bob Power, Oakland, CA
  196. Christian Friis, Long Point, Ontario, Canada
  197. Chuck Carlson, Ft. Peck MT
  198. Manolo Mondejar, Taos,NM
  199. Matt Dufort, Seattle, WA
  200. Katherine Raspet, NY
  201. Gregory Gough, Washington, DC
  202. Jim Hulsey, Henderson, NV
  203. Stephen Joly, Kamloops, BC
  204. William gilmour, Scarborough,Ontario,Canada
  205. Al Mercer, Marietta, GA
  206. James P. Smith, Amherst, MA
  207. Sandra Lautrup, Effingham, Il.
  208. Dave Robichaud, Victoria, BC
  209. Craig Bateman, Novi, MI
  210. Mark Chao, Ithaca, NY
  211. Eric Skrzypczak, Gaithersburg, MD
  212. Blue Rubinstein, New York, NY
  213. Tim Hochstetler, Millersburg, Ohio
  214. Cathy Carroll, Dearborn, Michigan
  215. Raymond VanBuskirk, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  216. Michael Retter, Normal, IL
  217. Nicholas Block, Bryan, TX
  218. Craig Dodson, Clifton, CO
  219. Ben Young, Salem, OR
  220. Mark Brown, Dalmatia, Pennsylvania
  221. Megumi Yoshihara, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
  222. Chris Brown, Cape May, NJ
  223. Peter Gibert, Davis, CA
  224. Amanda Auger, Portland, OR
  225. Tom Kelly, Chicago, IL
  226. Seth Miller, Petaluma, CA
  227. Mark Peterson, Colorado Springs, CO
  228. Marcus Mundall, Williamsport, MD
  229. April Mundall, Williamsport, MD
  230. Julie Hart, Chester, VT
  231. Matthew Medler, Charlotte, VT
  232. Kyle Carlsen, Vincent, OH
  233. Karen Carlsen, Lakewood, CO
  234. Roger Woodruff, Spokane, WA
  235. Anne Brown, Durham, NC
  236. Eddie Mundall, Klamath Falls, OR
  237. Laurina Mundall, Klamath Falls, OR
  238. Robert Doster, Albuquerque, NM
  239. David Pavlik, Holt, Michigan
  240. Roberto Cavalieros, Brooklyn, NY
  241. Dave Magpiong, Bellmawr, NJ

How Did You Compare?

As stated in the quiz rules, answers must consist simply of the Common or English name exactly as it appears in the ABA Checklist.

The following list shows the number of submissions for each species guessed.

American Redstart
Tufted Titmouse
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Northern Parula
Black-capped Chickadee
Cassin's Vireo
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Virginia's Warbler
Bell's Vireo
Black-capped Vireo
Eastern Bluebird
Eastern Phoebe
Nashville Warbler
Ruddy Turnstone
Tennessee Warbler
Vermilion Flycatcher
Warbling Vireo
Yellow Warbler
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher


The photo and answer for this quiz were supplied by Chris Wood.