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A Birder's Guide to Michigan

A Birder's Guide to Michigan

UPDATES as of 5/05

Table of Contents: Under Whitefish Point (IBA), page number should be 488.

Page 24: The Saginaw Bay Birding website is shown incorrectly. It should be

Page 35: The mileage scale on the map for Lake Lansing (SE-4) is actually 1 mile, not 10 miles.

Page 68: The URL for the Stinchfield Woods website has been changed to

Page 129: The Michigan Welcome Center has been closed.

Page 173: On the map of Port Huron SGA, the exit off of I-69 to Wadhams Road should be Exit 196, not 198 as labled.

Page 173: The exit number off I-69 is Exit 196, not Exit 198.

Pages 198, 229, 239, 253: The state highway shown on the maps on all these pages as 66 should actually be 65.

Page 202: Under "Karn Plant", the Saginaw Bay Birding website is shown incorrectly. It should be

Page 241: Site NE-21 The Mio Area: change the parenthetical page reference to "(see page 249)".

Page 340: The Fremont Sewage Ponds are not open to birders. Delete this site from the Guide until further notice.

Page 341: Fremont Sewage Pond: last line of that paragraph should read: "The area is accessible only on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m."

Page 568: The correct phone number for Grandpa's Barn is 906-289-4377.

Page 568: Local Copper Harbor birder Jim Rooks passed away in the spring of 2005.
Delete the second to last paragraph on this page, which reads "Guided minivan tours led by an experienced and cheerful local birder, Jim Rooks, can be arranged at the Laughing Loon Gift Shop in Copper Harbor (906-289-4813)."

Page 650: Index: delete reference to page 154 under Gray Jay index entry.

Page 660: In the Map Key, the location of the Gratiot-Saginaw SGA should be 43 rather than 42.