NARBA (North American Rare Bird Alert) is run by the American Birding Association.

How it Works

NARBA provides rapid reports of rare birds in the ABA Area. It covers ABA Code 4 and 5 birds, as well as a few Code 3 birds that are particularly hard to find in the ABA Area. NARBA relies on reports from ABA members, eBird, and various local listservs to provide reports to our members.

History of NARBA

Founded in 1985 by Bob Odear, the North American Rare Bird Alert (now simply called NARBA) has been a storied part of birding in the ABA Area. 

In 1989 Houston Audubon acquired the service from Bob Odear, and volunteers oversaw operations through 2013. 

In 2013 Houston Audubon entered into a partnership with BirdsEye Birding to move NARBA into the mobile arena.

Now run by the American Birding Association, NARBA continues to provide birders with timely, clear, and useful information—with a special focus on learning about and seeing rarities.

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